As a team of filmmakers, it's our job to be great storytellers, but for your brand, is a story enough. Our process helps us get to the deeper purpose of your brand, and allows us to create different types of content that help you build a deeper connection with your target audience. By focusing on people, we create emotional connections that goes deeper that 'just the facts'. 


Our Values

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Our Team

Braden Dragomir


Since making what should be up for "the worst horror movie of all time" on a VHS camera at age 10 (it's gone now), Braden has always been enthralled by the filmmaking process. It wasn't until high-school when Braden's passion for storytelling took shape, creating a feature length documentary of the jazz band's trip to Cuba. With a desire to learn more, Braden spent time volunteering and working on sets including Xmen 2, Smallville, Dead Like Me and several other shows being filmed in Vancouver.

Then, after graduating with a B.A. in Communication Arts, Braden switched his focus to Television Journalism. His ability to find and tell great stories took him across North America, working for affiliates of NBC, CBS, CTV and CBC. The constraints of broadcast television helped him hone his storytelling craft, creating concise, effective stories that not only informed, but compelled audiences to action. Over the past 10 years, Braden has performed thousands of interviews, worked on several documentaries and created hundreds of videos.

Since founding Make Hay Media, Braden has worked to build a team of creative professionals with the same dedication to learning their craft and constantly pushing their storytelling abilities.

Taylor Leeder


Taylor first started his exploration in to video production while studying Music and Digital Media at St. Lawrence College. While building his musical skills, he began creating small video projects.

After his music studies, he worked the worst job he’s ever had (in a factory), but saved up to go back to school. Still pulled towards his right-brained pursuits, Taylor decided to focus on video creation enrolling in Television and New Media at Loyalist College.

Like the structure of any good song, Taylor's ability to create with precision pushed him to specialize post-production - where he received awards for Best Sound Design and Best Editor, as well as a nomination for Best Graphic Design, at Loyalist's Annual Sparkie Awards.

Taylor brings his passion for music and video to each project. As he assembles each story, he's constantly searching for the perfect score to bring it to the next level. What better way to use his visual and musical talents -- outside of being the world’s best vehicular rock star that is.

Brody McMaster


Brody is a skilled cinematographer, with a keen eye for timelapse and still photography, having many photos featured in magazines around the world.

After first being given a camera at a young age to capture his friends skateboarding, Brody quickly developed his skills and went on to attend Loyalist College for Television and New Media.  Always one to get in on the action, Brody isn’t afraid to get close to the subject. Whether it is an emotional interview or a car racing by on the track, he also knows when to take a few steps back and capture everything surrounding that moment.

Brody brings his eye to each project from creative design, through to the final colour grade, helping find the feel for each story we produce.


Bruce has over 17 years of professional filmmaking experience added to a lifetime of passion telling stories through the film and video medium.

Bruce began his journey in film and television while he was still in high school at the age of 16 in Toronto, ON. He began as a Background Performer, and then Production Assistant on major productions in-and-around Toronto. His love of film and video storytelling grew from a summer part time experience into a full time career when he was invited to join the Directors Guild of Canada as an Assistant Director.

He has worked for NBC, NewLine Cinema, PAX, LifeTime, Paramount and on films and projects including, Due South, Saturday Night Live’s, The Ladies Man, HighwayMen, The Women of Camelot, and Interstate 60. Bruce also wrote and produced a feature-length movie for LifeTime Network in the US.

Bruce brings his keen sense of film and television management, budgeting and scheduling to Make Hay Media. He is a semi-Professional Photographer, who is artistically inclined and understands the balance between telling a story and keeping things on track.