We call Kingston, Ontario home, but really, it's more of a home base.

Located between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, we're just a plane, train or automobile away from some of the largest media hubs in Canada. From here, we can travel anywhere around the globe to tell the right story.

From our own back yard to yours, we'll go wherever the story takes us.

If you want to reach out directly, you can email us at info@makehaymedia.com, or if you want to hear a voice, give us a call in our studio at 613-900-0541.

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While we're not currently hiring any full or part-time positions, we're always looking for talented artists to collaborate with. We have an ongoing roster of talent we work with, so if you'd like to work with us please fill out the information below, and we'll find some time to get to know you. For internships/placement students, please complete both sections of the form.