Think Outside the Box - 5 Companies Creating Killer Campaigns

We’ve all seen them. Corporate videos that feel like they pretty much follow this formula.

Well, that one was clever, but how many times have you seen it before? I bet you were laughing because it points out all the tropes of a generic corporate video. You might even have one yourself. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, at all really, you probably want something that will separate you in the marketplace.

We talk a lot about knowing your purpose and making sure that you have a great plan in place before the camera ever rolls. Yet, what if your goal is brand recognition or making a shareable video that will grow your audience.

You’ll never hear us use the term viral video. ‘Viral” is awesome when it happens, but if someone ever guarantees it, walk away….quickly...actually run...because I don’t think anyone can or should make that guarantee.

With a great concept, a strong connection to your audience, and a great distribution plan, you can be sure that the people you want to see your video do, hopefully, share, and from there, maybe viral is a real possibility.

So who do we think is hitting it out of the park when it comes to killer videos? Here are 5 companies we think are creating really cool things, with many different creative teams (and I mixed up the genres so you can see the infinite possibilities!).

Google/City Gym

Google is always doing interesting things. Let’s face it, almost everything we do online, Google is involved with, but it’s their Small Business channel that I really enjoy.

This video almost acts as a marketing tool for City Gym. A powerful story, and a gym that is doing great things. Yet it’s all working towards one thing; how people can find City Gym through Google's services, and in this case, their page.

Have a watch:


What can a payment platform do to create content? They want to sell that they have great customer service, that the percentage they take is less than the other guys, or some of the many other features and benefits. The problem is, that doesn't sell.

This is a beautiful documentary on Yassin Terou, a Syrian refugee who has an amazing story. With a great community and the support of Square, he's now in pursuit of the American Dream!


Almost everyone in North America, if not the world, knows who Gatorade is. The sport drink that fuels athletes from Sydney Crosby to Dwight Howard to Serena Williams and many, many more.

Their videos feature some of the highest level athletes in the world, but their brand is all about sport. Last year, they released this video:

To me, it was powerful, it was celebratory, and it was shared all over the place. This was a Canadian campaign, which connected professional hockey players with real people, with the focus #WinfromWithin.


When you break it down, Facebook is all about people. Connecting people and helping people communicate. What I love about these series of stories, is that they really focus on those connections, with the obvious through line that Facebook helps enable them.

These are very well produced, emotional, and empowering


I really like what Dove does. While they want to sell personal hygiene, I really appreciate the fact that they seem to work hard at empowering people. We’ve seen many campaigns, and extremely powerful videos come out of Dove campaigns, and in writing this someone told me “I cry at every Dove video”, so they must be doing something right.

Here are a couple of my favourites of late. The first is all about how girls view themselves:

The second was launched last year, and it was the first time I can remember Dove starting to celebrate and empower men as well. It’s Dove Men+Care, in their #RealStrength campaign.

What makes these videos so strong to me is they seem to be using real people, and connecting with life experience that everyone has. Real connections, ones that you truly care about, are always powerful, and Dove succeeds there.

Final Thoughts:

For me, a brand video is all about finding a powerful way to connect with your audience. It no longer has to sell anything, in fact, none of these videos are selling a product. Yet they all connect you with their story, what they stand for, and invite you to be a part of their world. So when you approach your own videos, marketing your store, your website, your brand, maybe it’s time to think outside the box. You might find a better way to connect with your audience.


Braden Dragomir