For·age : ˈfôrij,ˈfärij/ : A wide search over an area in order to obtain something

Like many creative agencies, Make Hay Media was founded from a seed of an idea. That seed - all great companies, non-profits, startups, and entrepreneurs all had stories to tell, but needed guidance on how best to tell them.

Make Hay Media is a full-service film and video production agency that can help you take your project from the seed of an idea, all the way to a finished film ready for any screen you need. Our collective of directors, cinematographers, editors, and artists across the country are all as passionate storytellers as they are passionate about their crafts. If we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t do it, so every project is an opportunity to learn something new, push our skills, and work with you to make the best possible story together.

Before the cameras ever roll, we want to understand the why behind every story we tell. We want to get to know you, your challenges, and what problems you are trying to solve. Whether it’s over coffee, or conversation, we want to build lasting relationships that foster creative collaboration to create thoughtful, intentional and meaningful stories.

Together, we believe that the best stories are foraged for, not told, and with our process of discovery, understanding, and communication, we can ensure you know what you can expect when we deliver the final project. Simply put, we want to create great projects where you can understand the scope, timeline, and budget, with no surprises. Together , we will all have a story that we're proud to put out to your audience.

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Our Story Keywords

Curiosity - To be curious one must listen, learn, explore and inquire. We believe that curiosity is the essential ingredient to telling an authentic story. Curiosity fuels our passion, our creativity and our process.

Authentic - Our curiosity leads us to people because people have real stories to tell. Because we as human beings connect more directly to people, we strive to find our stories and truths through collaboration and understanding.

Story - Let's face it, we all love a good story, fiction or non. But we like to dive much deeper into understanding structures, finding 'The Hero's Journey", story arcs, and more, all to be able to help find and guide stories together.

Adventure - Everyone knows that incredible feeling you get when you accomplish something amazing. But the journey of every relationship, project, and film is a bold undertaking involving uncertainty and risk, both from us and our clients. Together, the, planning, focus and awareness, along with some pain and discomfort, can lead to extraordinary achievements and creations. 

Intention - We spend a great deal of time working to craft the stories but none of that matters if it doesn't give the audience the opportunity to connect and be moved to action. We strive to create projects that allow audiences to act with confidence and comfort.

Creative Collaborators


We are a member of a global community of marketing experts called Communo. Beyond our Production and Story capabilities, we can leverage Communo to scale your project through access to a vetted community of marketing services professionals. We have access to world-class talent in brand strategy, digital advertising, web development, copywriting, graphic design, UX design, HR strategy, Art Direction and so much more. This model enables our clients to gain access to all the resources of a Madison Avenue holding company at a reduced cost and speed. 

Together we are transforming the global marketing services industry.


Avenue Strategy is a creative collaboration that will build teams to meet your needs. Led by Kathleen Vollebregt, they focus on Brand, Marketing, and Research. Kathleen has served as the Director of Marketing for Queen's University, as well as has experience working at some of the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies as a strategic planner including TBWA/Chiat Day and Young & Rubicam. Whether you are a small business doing marketing off the corner of your desk or a larger organization that needs additional support Avenue Strategy can provide you with high-level marketing expertise.


 is a music and sound production company that specializes in commercial work, TV and 6˚’s work has garnered Emmy and Gemini nominations, along with numerous local and national advertising honours. Credits include work for ABC, TSN, ESPN, Shaw, Wind Mobile, GM, Volkswagen, Telus and WestJet.  6˚ is comprised of artists, composers, producers and engineers.  Our work is driven by a love of sound, a desire to tell stories, and a desire to champion the work of Canadian artists and composers on a national and international level.